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Val Besag, a consultant educational psychologist, said she believed celebrity culture had come to replace older role models that girls would previously have found within the family.

But for this generation they are growing up with their mothers who have to be out there at work.

Biddulph believes there is a "catastrophe" unfolding for girls. I think we all agree about the pressures and what has happened here, that the corporations around the world started realising they could sell to young women and pre-teens.

In an interview with an Australian radio station near his home in Tasmania, he said: "I'm much more aware now of girls having enormous problems with things like bullying and eating disorders and generally not liking who they are. They gave them the message that your looks are the most important thing about them." He is calling for a new feminism to include aunts mentoring younger girls and keeping them safe from the "toxic" influences of advertising and celebrity.

Pointing out that no girl and her mum always get along and no mum can meet all her daughter's needs, he will say that aunts used to be the ones who talked to girls about things too embarrassing to tell their mothers.

Aunts, whether trendy, maiden or embarrassing, can be fun and feisty, because mums have to provide security and you can't always be both.

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