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Sex behind the scenes

It also doesn’t hurt that Christian thinks of Ana’s every need and showers her with presents—three ,000 first editions of , a red hatchback Audi, and a closet filled with designer labels and fancy lingerie (and that’s just the first book).If only readers’ husbands would say the same things to them in bed that Christian does, all about how beautiful they are, how soft their skin, how luminous their eyes. “I wrote it for me.”Though she can be seen in Los Angeles at the Chateau Marmont, where she’s often found in the dimly lit garden with a nice glass of wine, James likes to eat Nutella with a spoon and has only recently upgraded her home in West London.It’s also about the fantasy of most middle-class, romance-reading women around the globe, who still imagine, in 2014, that it takes only the right woman to transform even the most callow single fellow into a dutiful, doting husband.In this case, the man in question is a billionaire with a staffed penthouse and a helicopter nicknamed “Charlie Tango” parked on a personal helipad on his roof.P.—became one of the most powerful art dealers in Europe and the primary salesman of the Y. In a way, your daydreams come to life before your eyes, if not always in exactly the way you imagined.”When the film rights came up for sale, in 2012, they created an explosion in Hollywood.At least six studios and dozens of producers were interested, meeting with James and her agent in Los Angeles and London.What Christian does for work remains mysterious, revealed mostly in snippets of phone conversations about “attractive investments” and “plots of land,” and discussions about feeding Darfur—which makes it even more delicious that man’s head could be turned by the mild-mannered, after-school-job-at-the-hardware-store, thoroughly down-to-earth Anastasia Steele, whose only real shortcoming is that she’s too skinny because she never, ever feels a desire to eat.Then throw in the blindfolds and chains, the fact that Christian uses the blindfolds and chains to torture his girlfriends—the books, at least in this regard, are hardly pro-women’s rights—because he’s in deep pain about a childhood spent with a crack-addicted mother and her abusive pimp, and you’ve got an unstoppable train barreling straight into the libidos of middle-aged mommies everywhere.

In the first book, I count about a dozen sex scenes, of which one and two are “vanilla” episodes, as Christian calls them, which means (mostly) missionary-style sex in a bed.In five, Anastasia gets a spanking (later, when she feels sad, Christian rushes back to her apartment to sleep with her in his arms).Six is in Christian’s “playroom,” where he ties her up and teases her with a riding crop. Just looking and admiring, covered by the sheet.” Once, after sex, they jump into a convertible as Verdi’s booms from the car stereo and head to an airfield to fly gliders, which Christian calls his “second favorite pastime.” His favorite is “indulging in you, Miss Steele.”In the second-to-last sex scene, Christian blindfolds Anastasia, cranks up a hymn on the stereo, and flogs her while she’s spread-eagled and cuffed to the four-poster bed in his playroom. He’s worried for Anastasia’s safety, because a former paramour of his has gone crazy and wants to kill her, but he can’t tell Anastasia this, because it is a fact too, too terrible to contemplate. The power shift is complete, and he is devastated, lost and adrift, without a soulmate.quickly traveled up and down northeastern America, and James started to receive media requests to talk about the book.It was a “weird thing—the way it spread,” she says.

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A knot of toned, plucked, and thoroughly bored mommies began to talk about the novels, furtively, at spin class and school pickups.

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