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Sex chart site lava

Thick flows, which remain hot for long periods, may lose most of their gas before the lava congeals, and the resulting rock may be dense with few vesicles.

Pyroclastic flows, which are low-viscosity, fluidized mixtures of hot but solid volcanic fragments and hot gas, are often described in newspaper accounts as lava flows. Molten lava flows are relatively high-viscosity liquids, and most of them advance slowly (a few metres per minute to less than a metre per day).

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These US cities are at risk in the event of another huge Yellowstone volcanic eruption.

Doctor Hank Heasler, park geologist at Yellowstone, said: “This ash when it comes up is maybe about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.“So very hot and then it moves laterally at hurricane force winds and that’s what causes a wide zone of destruction.”Denver is home 600,000 people with as many as two million others living in the metro area surrounding Colorado’s capital.

Fears are growing a huge eruption is due, 630,000 years after the last blast sent debris flying hundreds of miles across America.

A modern eruption of the Yellowstone volcano, however, would explode over a very different America, with tens of millions of people now living on the land once covered with lava and ash.

Billings, Montana would see several feet of ash fall, potentially piling above head-height of the city’s 100,000 inhabitants.

Boise, Idaho and Rapid City, South Dakota would likewise be swamped while an even worse fate would await the smaller towns and villages within Yellowstone itself or less than 100 miles from the volcano.

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