Sex chat auction

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Sex chat auction

One girl at a time this took over three hours, twelve girls in all.

I was lucky to be fifth; some of the others had to wait a long time to go pee.

I put my feet in the stirrups; he completed the exam quickly then left.

A nurse came in and took blood samples, and I gave a urine sample. After the blood and urine tests the nurse returned and led me down another hall to a bathroom complete with shower.

It was intensely humiliating as he turned them on in a restaurant, laughing as I struggled not to cum...a battle I lost several times that evening. In truth being degraded angers and disgusts me – angers because I cannot deny the attraction, that hot burn as I am put in humiliating situations, publicly put in my place, made to embarrass myself.

I've been instructed to dress as a common streetwalker, short skirt, white satin shirt, six inch heels, fishnet stockings – then go to a grocery store and purchase a single cucumber. I fought these tendencies for years but I've finally given up.

She instructed me to shower thoroughly, wash and dry my hair.

He pulled it to her neck, hooked her lock in one of the links, and snapped it closed. We were attached by our collars to the chain, locked together about two feet apart. I heard a loud pop and a yelp as the first man brought his crop down on the ass of the lead girl. We were led down the hall; the men took particular enjoyment from popping each of us once or twice. I yelped like the others, more from surprise than pain.

I don't really understand this but I am what am and I now accept it. To be sold as common chattel, the loss of control, the humiliation of being auctioned off like a cow gradually permutated my day and night dreams. All were reluctant to open up to me; slavery is illegal in the US after all.

But despite all I've been through, public collarrings, being stripped naked and whipped, even my experiment with multiple partners one evening - nothing so far has compared to the slave auction I experienced last month. There is the whole issue of white slavery, a separate and disgusting practice where women are kidnapped against their will and forced into prostitution.

I first learned of slave auctions on the Internet (where else? Some slave auctions are fun events, consensual and organized by one BDSM club or another.

Most are done to benefit charities; all the money is donated.

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We shuffled down the hall through a door into another large room, trying not to stumble or step on one another's feet. We sat on a bench in front of a table and were fed a nice breakfast of eggs, bacon, and pancakes. After breakfast the first girl was unchained by one of the men.