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This ultimately backfired as Selina's campaign had their fingerprints all over it.Despite this, Selina did receive the endorsement of Rod Longpole.After a close primary fight, Meyer accepted the party nomination at the brokered 2020 Democratic National Convention and later won re-election against Laura Montez in the general election.

According to Selina, some blamed Marshall for the poisoned crack.

During her first term as President, Meyer made a historic trip to Iran, the first time a President has visited Iran since Jimmy Carter in 1977, to free a detained American reporter.

Meyer also was a great advocate of the controversial Families First Bill, which Congress voted against in October 2016.

Her administration was also caught in the middle of the Medileaks scandal, in which her administration was accused of hacking the medical and social security records of a child. After leaving office, Meyer briefly ran The Meyer Fund, which found itself under intense scrutiny from the FBI years later for allegations of financial misappropriation.

After securing the party nomination in the 2016 election, Meyer and her running mate Connecticut Senator Tom James faced off against Arizona Senator Bill O'Brien in the general election. Meyer ran for President again in the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries, her fourth consecutive presidential campaign.

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The seat had been dominated by Conrad Boyle, who had represented the 14th Congressional District of Maryland for 32 terms.

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