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Sex dating in lake five wisconsin

Milwaukee is one of the most hypersegregated cities in the nation.

We’re not proud of it, but there are still very clear-cut white, black, and Latino areas of the city.

Walker’s Point has some tasty Mexican and other Latin American food options, including taco trucks for the bargain-minded, and there are some excellent places for brunch, including Zak’s (brunch every day, 231 S. Although just about every Milwaukee LGBT bar will happily welcome all four letters of our alphabet, here are four bars that are lesbian-focused, in descending order of lesbi-osity: Walker’s Pint, aka “The Pint” 818 S. (Walker’s Point) This is the lesbian epicenter of Milwaukee’s bar universe. Wherehouse/Hot Water (Walker’s Point warehouse district) 818 S. Sequins seem to be mandatory for salsa, but even if you left yours at home there is no better way to place to see the pretty ladies on a Saturday night. The owner likes collaborative art projects, too, so you’ll probably find yourself making one of those crayon hand-turkeys out of a paper plate at some point. If you’re a self-respecting lady-lover: the heterobnoxious Water Street bar scene, at the north end of downtown.

You don’t have to be a tank-topped dyke to get in, but it will help you feel most at home. (west of Walker’s Point) A Milwaukee institution, this homey Near South Side bar kinda feels like having a lesbian affair in your grandparents’ 1970s rec room. If you want to hold hands with your wife in the park: pretty much the whole conservative far south and far southwest sides of the city.

(My mom made me add that.) Even though we have a lot of queer bars in Milwaukee, we like to spread the love around, so here are a few other opportunities you shouldn’t miss: Guerrilla Grrrl Bar One Friday night each month When the Guerrilla Gay Bar scene got a little too boy-centric, the grrrls at Sapphic Adventures Milwaukee formed this straight-bar-takeover alternative with a focus on women having fun.

KK) and scrumptious from-scratch food at Honeypie Cafe (2643 S.

KK) or a crazy-good pizza from lesbian-owned Classic Slice (2797 S. In the summers, you can hit the farmers market in South Shore Park (Saturday mornings, 2900 S.

After enjoying some pool, darts, or local music, commemorate your visit by buying a t-shirt featuring the Pint’s slogan, “Lock up your daughters.” Licka DSplitz 4107 W. (Washington Park) A new place off the tourist’s beaten track, Licka DSplitz has an R&B and hip hop vibe, with DJs on Friday and Saturday nights. I’d say north of Greenfield Avenue is usually pretty good.

(Speaking of Greenfield Ave., the gay-owned Ca–averal at 2501 W. has some of the best Mexican food in the city.) Also, don’t wander around alone after closing time in the Walker’s Point gay bar district.

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Quiet but vibrant, Bay View is also known as “Gay View” for the many LGBT folks who are raising families there.

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