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“Pub Feed” is an ancestral anthem that’s a little like Johnny Moped or Sham 69 in its seemingly Cockney slur, that slingshots you in the ears with rattling rock talking about the same type of neighborhood pub that those predecessors used to drink at.

The difference is The Chats are from Queensland, Australia and are a part of a growing sub-genre that the band has deemed “shed rock.” It's a little looser than the 1979 energy conveyed, but gives the same imagery of suburban storytelling through shout-alongs about bar food. read more → Punk music, you took a terrible detour during the 90s, but I am learning to forgive you with your latest wave of lo-fi tunes.

Seriously, the Black Lips are everything I love about 1970s punk rock. I'm not entirely sure how to explain the attraction of messy, mumbley, repetitive, wall-of-sound music like "Something Happe...

Listening to them is like flashing back to high school, when The Buzzcocks and The Ramones ruled my discman (oh yes, remember those? read more → While "Snakedog" is actually off a 7-inch released last summer, it's still one of my favorite tracks right now, so I thought I'd share. A trio, consisting of William Keegan, Danny Bengston, and Erik Jiminez, have unintentionally slapped their ow...

It does not matter which you use and you can even create your own method as is the case with the Cowie Push/Put Method noted below.

The most important thing to realize is that shuffling is important and should never be neglected!

read more → Dialup Ghost has released a new remastered version of "If You Want to Die," a track that originally appeared on the duo's self-titled debut back in March.

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Main Stages contain the core stages of the game, consisting of several areas each with 10, 15, 30, 50, or 60 stages.

There are 700 stages in both the 3DS version and the mobile version.

4) The Scrambling Method – This is a very basic shuffling method. Your cards will be properly mixed and won’t get damaged.

You need some room for this method but it’s one of the easiest shuffling methods for the tarot.

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