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While there are cable channels which, without doubt, have an effect on the people but banning it is a stupidity. It is the Kashmiri, devoid of any entertainment, who will suffer.Those involved rarely are effected by bans on cable television. TV is the only entertainment he has and snatching it away from him is inhumanity.Protests from all quarters has shaken the administration.The political parties in power, political parties without power, separatists, social groups, citizens, lawyers and even bollywood has demanded answers from the government as well as a thorough probe.They have threatened the s.e.x ring operators of dire consequences if they do not mend their ways. It appears that these organisations are simply cashing on the popular sentiment and trying to look like good guys.These militant groups would have known about the presence of the s.e.x rings earlier as well, why didn’t they act then? They seem to be least bothered about the presence of such brothels, if they were, they would have taken some action as and when such s.e.x-rings came into their notice.The court issued the directive after it found a government officer in court not “in proper dress”.

reported that the Jammu and Kashmir school education department had banned people wearing the traditional pheran in its zonal offices.

The paper added: “The development comes in the backdrop of a similar ban on the pheran in the civil secretariat (Srinagar) where the commoners visiting the administrative departments have to relinquish it at the main gate.

The report drew sharp criticism from several quarters.

I think that a week or so from now, Dukhtran e Millat will issue dress code warnings.

They will command women to wear a proper Islamic dress.

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This order should be withdrawn.”He also posted a photo of his father Farooq Abdullah and him wearing the traditional attire. By banning pharans what’s the govt trying to prove? Revoke this order @jandkgovernor #Say No To Pharan Ban Q0xu Qomd— Salman Nizami (@Salman Nizami_) December 18, 2018#saynotopharanban #proudtobeakashmiri Start this hashtag and tag your friends and post pictures @Raheelk @RJNASIROFFICIAL @shahfaesal @Salman Nizami_ Euibw RUak— Shazia Bakshi (@Shazia) December 18, 2018In September, the General Administration Department of the Civil Secretariat in Srinagar asked government officials to “be attired in proper formal dress while appearing before any court of law and while attending offices in the State of Jammu and Kashmir and strictly avoid casual or party attire”.

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