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Sexygeekdating com

He knows that’s an illogical expectation outside of a mind meld or this.You have to do your part by providing clear feedback.

It may be a thorough analysis of your romp with a question and answer session, but he’s only doing it to file away more data on what makes you both feel good, so the next time is even more awesome.He’ll ask you “How does it feel when I do *this*”, and prefer an honest answer.He’ll find your g-spot, even if you yourself were never able to (a true story).OK, enough talk: Click through the gallery above to see 30 men who are the hottest nerds in Hollywood!From "Freaks and Geeks" and "How I Met Your Mother" to "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," Segal leads the smart-nerd pack that's been sweeping Hollywood.

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Geeks don’t have any more patience for messy human ambiguities and unnecessary drama than they do for people who break their computers by banging on the keys in frustration.

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