Shantel vansanten and robert buckley dating

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The hottie, who stands at a height of 5’8”, was #24 on Buddy’s "TV's 100 Sexiest Women of 2010" list and #21 in 2011.She recently came to news as it was reported that she would appear in the superhero franchise “The Flash” as a regular cast in season 2.' There were even rumors that the planned on getting married.The rumor was squashed apparently and none of them gave any indication as such.When the name "Shantel Vansanten" hits people's ears, the first thing they say is "Gosh! That is the impression she has been able to leave on people with her beauty.Also, professionally, she has done really well and has earned a fair share of success and reputation in the industry.Shantel is dating her star made his relationship public on Instagram back on 7 July 2018 following the adorable kissing picture with Shantel on National Kissing Day.Shantel Van Santen, boyfriend Victor Webster on National Kissing Day While Victor has been open about his relationship with actress Shantel, she seems to have taken a timeout to share the good news with millions of followers.

Robert Earl Buckley, who is 4 years younger than Shantel, is, known for his roles on the television series Lipstick Jungle and One Tree Hill.

The two met back in 2010 and while they played love interest in the series, there were no news regarding any intimate relation in real life.

The couple have been spotted at beaches and dinners frequently.

She was laughing as she said, “I can pick my nose with my tongue!

Actually, I can make my tongue reach all the way down to my chin and then go all the way to my nose.” Now that is cool!!

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On television, she played the role of Quinn James in the hit CW teen drama series One Tree Hill.