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Santana’s final PPV record, including Rumbles and Survivor Series matches was 3-19.

He was 0-6 in Royal Rumbles (he was in every Rumble from 1988-1993), 1-7 at Wrestle Mania, 0-2 at Summer Slam and 2-4 at Survivor Series.

Michaels wins cheap to get his first of what would be many Wrestle Mania wins.

A solid start to the show here in the bright Hoosier Dome.

After trading blows, Tito landed his flying forearm, sending Shawn tumbling outside.

Tito was aggressive, working him over outside before pitching him back in and catching him with a slingshot shoulderblock.

Grade: ** Justin: And we have arrived at our eighth Wrestle Mania and on paper it is certainly one of the most interesting shows to date thanks to a lot of mystery around the Main Event scene.

Bonus points for the very topical “I’m Too Sexy for This Crowd” quote engraved on his vest.Throw in his two dark matches and his record goes to 4-20, as he actually picks up his second Wrestle Mania win in the dark match at IX, meaning the only two Mania matches he won were his first and last.Fun Fact II: On the 2/1/92 episode of WWF Superstar, Sensational Sherri was a guest on The Funeral Parlor, where she admitted that she had found the man of her dreams, Shawn Michaels.He has also picked up Sensational Sherri as his MILF valet and they gave off a pretty great young stud/cougar vibe, gelling immediately.His iconic “Sexy Boy” theme song also makes its PPV debut here.


Tito has been at every Wrestle Mania since its inception and now gets another payday by putting over one of the up and coming talent.