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Ours is a small family, my father is retired from... myself an engineering post graduate, residing in ambala. well i am very level headed, understanding and honest person and strongly believe that trust, honesty and respect for self and others are foundation of any strong relationship. Read more I am looking for a good natured decent person who can be a good friend as well, and understandable, lovable and caring. Regarding my family my father is an retired navy off... Over the years with time and experience, attributes like accommodating and maturity have become part of my personality. Read more Hey, I have done my Masters and am currently working with Induslnd bank as a deputy manager. Read more Our son is a hard working, caring, mature and balanced person. i am pursuing mba in healthcare from delhi university-faculty of management studies(fms). After one week talking we decided to tell out parents about each other.

apart from engineering holding another two master degrees. My family is of a paramount importance to me and I strike a healthy balance between work and personal life. Read more I am a very optimistic, full of life person who is progressive and caring by nature. In my family, there is Mom - who is a homemaker, Dad - who is a businessman, and have a brother and a s... I was born and brought up in Mumbai and work as a Project Manager in an IT MNC. I have a happy go lucky approach to life, am fairly well read and believe in enjoying life to the fullest. being a punju at heart, so good sense of humour as well courage go hand in hand.... Read more Sat Sri Akal Ji I have done wid my Diploma in Manufacturing Technicean(CAD/CAM). He has excelled in his studies and professional life, having studied at top colleges after his schooling from Patiala. Read more Born in brought up in bombay loving person and my friends describe me i am fun loving person i am intelligent to understand the people from their looksnni live alone so there is nothing t... First time we met in July 2017 after getting in touched in March 2017. Jaz contacted me and we initially chatted via email and phone. She found me on Shaadi and got an email that I was her ideal match. She was someone I wanted to get to know because of our similar interests and activities and we went from there.

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So naturally I assumed it was highly unlikely that any of my female classmates would ever be interested in dating someone like me.

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Not all Sikh-identified people subscribe to these prohibitions.

The Sahajdhari Sikhs reject most of the prohibitions, including trimming of hair (Kesh).

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I’m no psychologist, but internalized oppression is very real, and as a community we probably need to take more concrete steps to address it, to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, as Bob Marley put it. Turbans and beards don’t exactly epitomize the desired male in the west or even in South Asia for that matter.