Single taken mentally dating rihanna

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Single taken mentally dating rihanna

Everyone on the island speaks with different accents and sometimes even different languages altogether.

The filmmakers made headlines by shooting in Cuba, only to produce a finished product that could have been filmed frankly anywhere.

And for a feature with such ambitious mythology, the story itself is puzzlingly short with underdeveloped characters and painfully forced musical numbers.

An ill-timed and thematically irrelevant performance of "This Is America" is especially jarring, stopping the film dead to recreate elements of Glover's Grammy Award-winning video.

plays out as masculine fantasy, fueled by artistic hubris and an odd fixation with traditional gender roles.

It chronicles the wandering of a young rapper, bored with his wealth, sleepwalking physically and mentally through his lavish life.Truthfully, the aesthetics of the film don't mesh well with Glover's general musical style (with the exception of "California," an awkward track that sounds as inauthentic as The film tells the story of Deni (Glover), a young musician who wants to liberate the people of Guava Island from their endless workdays with an all-night music festival.Deni's girlfriend Kofi (Rihanna) supports his efforts but encourages him to be cautious, as the film's villain, Red Cargo (Nonso Anozie), is powerful enough to prevent the festival and hurt Deni.The movie looks too straightforward to be fantasy and too undercooked to be taken seriously.'s most damning sin is that it's unconvincing -- both aesthetically and in its assertion of Deni as a selfless, romantic, revolutionary hero.

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The slim cast is rounded out by Yara (Letitia Wright), a lively single mother who works with Kofi at the silk factory.

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