Singles dating with cripples dating websites for overweight people

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Singles dating with cripples

‘The data shows that people from white ethnic backgrounds with impairments have the “lowest number of life areas restricted”, of all the ethnic groups.It shows a disparity between how people of colour experience disability, in comparison to their white counterparts.Although we are attempting to highlight and illuminate the narratives of a very specific group of people, we are still not a monolith.Being female, black and disabled has an effect on Kym and Jay’s lives every single day. The potent mix of misogyny and racism means they are marginalised, undermined and discriminated against by large swathes of society.They constantly have to fight to be heard, and fight to progress.At Adult, we have thousands of articles and member blogs devoted to sex, and sex dating.Educate yourself on an endless number of erotic topics, and get real community member input on sex dating, fetishes, swinging, alternative dating, and much more!

The pair have launched a You Tube channel, and are planning a podcast, dedicated to fighting discrimination and elevating the voices of disabled people of colour.So what happens when you add disability to that mix?Olajumoke ‘Jay’ Abdullahi and Kym Oliver call themselves the ‘Triple Cripples’.If Black people and other people of colour are hard to find in the mainstream media – finding non-white disabled narratives is like a needle in a haystack.Kym and Jay were exasperated by this persistant erasure – their You Tube channel is the first step in bringing stories about people like themselves in to the limelight.

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‘We are two incredibly strong-minded, girl-children, from culturally rich backgrounds, we were no strangers to making the world stop or righting the crimes of history.