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Snail mail dating

" Are people still really asking what is it like to be a woman in a band or a woman in music?

they had that piece that emphasized women in music.

That is a little disheartening and kind of hard to talk about all the time.

They don't want to get attention because they're women, but because they're good musicians.Jordan and company have racked up praise from just about everywhere for their gorgeous album, which is just perfect for soundtracking a summer of angst.Jordan spoke to Refinery29 about the quirks of her songwriting process, her dislike for the separating "women in music" from musicians, and her advice for women who aspire to be in the industry.I wish I had the ability to have a song idea or a melody in my head before I get started on the guitar, but it's just never started that way.I think that's a really cool skill, though."I imagine that also helped inform how these songs came out, because there's something wistful and summery about this record.

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Lindsey Jordan: "As far as songwriting goes, I've been a guitar player for as long as I can remember.