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Over 200 Sheriff's departments and municipal agencies participate in the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program which targets speeding as well as other unsafe violations.

Each year, the state Department of Transportation and the Division of State Police identify traffic corridors where speeding is contributing to unsafe conditions as indicated by crash data.

In general, it is safest to drive with the flow of traffic unless that flow is exceeding the speed limit.

On Interstate and other limited-access highways drivers should use the right lanes when possible to help prevent congestion and acts of aggressive driving. Speeds of 65 mph are permitted only on controlled access highways, such as the Northway (I87) or Thruway, that are specifically posted for the 65 mph speed limit.

The law does not make exceptions because everyone else is speeding too.However, even these highways are not posted for 65 mph over their entire lengths.You should be aware of speed zones where 65 mph stretches of highway end and lower speed limits begin.Vehicles traveling at higher speeds require more time to stop, will need to dissipate more energy in a crash (the crash will be more violent), and will reduce the effectiveness of vehicle's safety devices and crash barriers that help protect occupants in crashes.Do I have to drive at the maximum speed limit or can I drive slower?

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These lower limit areas are generally densely populated, high-traffic locations.

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