Speed dating leeds living room

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Speed dating leeds living room

Basingstoke is an ever expanding, buzzing and growing city in the south of England, under an hour’s travel time from coast and capital with great access to the beach and to the nearby international airports.Basingstoke is home to innovative businesses and is surrounded by a beautiful countryside – the perfect place to spend your days in with that perfect someone.

luck with girls, almost entirely because i never really put myself 'out there' due to shyness/lack of confidence.All my friends, male and female, consider me very good looking and assume that i'm aware of it (i'm not).So anyway, I decided that enough was enough and I had to turn things around.With over 10 years’ experience in the world of dating, Slow Dating are experts when it comes to delivering popular, very successful, and highly targeted evenings of speed dating events throughout the UK.Being so close to London and situated just off the M3, Basingstoke has a large commuting population and typical working days being very long.

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The opportunity to find a partner suited to your own lifestyle in the city can be quite difficult – but don’t let that get you down.