Speed dating meetup groups Free adult dating zambian sites

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Speed dating meetup groups

At which point, you select “Let’s Talk” on the score-card and, hopefully the other person does the same!

When: Saturday July 13th @ PMWhere: Bar Louie - WE HAVE AN AREA RESERVED FOR OUR EVENT!!!!!

Find love, new friends, and create unique relationships in a world-class city in just 2 hours.

Theme: Wingman x Wingwoman All singles are welcome to bring their bestie along to support their efforts to find that special someone.

The location is upstairs at PKWY Tavern Taphouse & Grille 445 Marks St.

Henderson 89014 Screw You ❤️ We are moving this group to Facebook Bc it’s easier to manage and reach everyone that way. The photo is a black and white logo that says singles club.

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Thank you for joining our group, London Japanese - English Singles Meetup.

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