Star trekkie dating

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Star trekkie dating

September 8, 1966, marked the beginning of a major cultural shift in the U. There’s no official count of how many people call themselves “Trekkies” (or “Trekkers,” as the most ardent devotees prefer).

Because you're not the only Star Trek fan out there!

You’ll be reminded that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) was strong and sexy as the hairless leader.

Site users can set their preferences for notifications — the default lets the site send emails for everything from new messages and chats, to photo comments, to "winks" you can forward to and receive from users — as well as search for matches according to interests, physical characteristics, age bracket and relationship type.

Star Trek Dating also lets you browse other users by either compatibility or at random, depending on which you choose.

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Watch the episode “Amok Time” from the original series, and then discuss. Kirk (the original series), First Officer William Riker (The Next Generation), Dr. In fact, every challenging situation is less troubling when you’re tackling them together.