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At first, incorporate these DHV “spikes” or triggers into the stories you tell and in your behavior. This isn’t something you do in a bar just to attract women.

But if you’re going to tell stories, tell them to the group, not to your target. At first, if you do say anything to her, neg her or banter with her. When you’re in comfort with her, obviously continue to incorporate these traits into your stories and behavior. One difference between the attract and comfort phase is let HER talk. Like I said at the beginning of all this, this is about becoming these traits so they naturally come across without you even having to think about it.

Don’t be a “getter,” be a “giver.” Don’t try to “get” her replication value from her for your gain. I wanted to make that point because when I first started off, I used to think DHV was about me and showing off. It’s about honest-to-God becoming a better man, which benefits others. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about these switches.

Be someone with a lot of survivor value that’d she want to get for herself. All this means is you’re attractive to other women. Say “how’s your night going” to the bouncer, the bartender, and to the first people you see.

She’ll instantly feel a pang of curious attraction for you if she sees this. Have women around you is the easiest way to trigger this switch. This is the practice of “Preselection” and “Leader of Men.” 2. In fact, practice smiling to at least three strangers a day.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t make DHV about me, me, me or showing off or bragging about how awesome you are. Make the 5 triggers things to embody FOR REAL, and make DHV about how you benefit her.

When you’re first starting out, get good at triggering these 5 attraction switches for at least 25 minutes.

25 minutes because that’s the time frame from opening a group to C1 or building comfort with her.

It could be when your first child was born, when you woke up and saw a beautiful sunrise after being sick for a long time, or when you fell in love with that special someone. If you’re not in relationship, think about what you’d like if you met the ideal person.

It doesn’t matter what the memory is, but feel your heart, mind, and soul being filled with a memory of love. If you’re already in a relationship, ask for what you’d like if the two of you were absolutely in love and you felt secure, connected, appreciated, and cherished. When Carlin and I met and fell in love, we both realized that we each had made a detailed list of what we are looking for in a mate.

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You can convey this in small gestures like pulling out a chair for her, opening a door for her, giving her your coat if she gets cold, helping an old lady cross the street, showing kindness to the waiter, standing up for yourself or for her. ” Be lit up from the inside, passionate, enthusiastic. Also, playing an instrument for them, singing for them, sharing a touching story are ways to make her feel. Wonderful, positive emotions attract them like bees to honey. This is the practice of “Protector of Loved Ones.” 5.

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