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Summer camp sex cunts young

Honestly, you'd *think* you could trust your own wife and daughter to be on *your* side, especially when it comes to things like this. ) morning of Girl Scout Camp to birds tweeting, the soft shirrush of pine trees in a light breeze, and green canvas over my head.

I also woke up to feeling a bit crowded and strained.

"ssshhhh it's alright"he said"calm down just lie down there's my girl" I liked the ring of that. " "yes." I took a big step and said "just like I like you." "you like me?! Marks right hand slid down my stomach and reached my trousers. He reached down and stroked my pussy through my thong. " he reinserted it and pushed slowly hurt bad but I wasn't expect what happened next.

He yanked it out of the way, and next thing I knew, I was on fire. I stared at his massive 12 inch cock and it must have been the width of my wrist.

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