Sunye dating

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Kyu Hyun actually made that clear against Leeteuk in the episode.

So it was hard for me to believe everything that the leader of Super Junior is exposing for the first time.

As long as Jay doesn't go "LOOKA HERE I'M DATIN' WG SUNYE FOOLS" at everyone's faces then it should be fine. I'm contradicting myself, I know D:-nooo OOOO Jaebom is mine!!!

LOLNah, I don't really care :) Although I loveee Jay to death, I'm not that possessive over him.

he would have cleaned out those pictures long before 2pm’s debut -if i put Jaebeom’s picture on my homepage, does that mean i’m dating him?

Yep,, the reason i post it,, because I just wanna share or even hear your opinion about it.. FAME Fanacc Fanart Fancam GDA Heechul Henry Immortal Song 2 KBS building Kimchi Kona Beans Kyochon CF Kyuhyun Leeteuk Lou Yi Xiao Lyric Magazine Maxim CF Miss Panda and Hedgehog Miss Panda and Mr.Sudan-born Nikki Perkins is a famous Social Media Star. Consequently, we have no details regarding her family background, education, and her early life.As per her ethnicity, she has an African ethnic origin. She is making videos on You Tube for a couple of years now. Presently, she is associated with two channels on You Tube. And if u don’t mind,, tell me about ur opinion too 😀 I guess almost all of you already know about the ring in hae’s left ring-finger.. It’s look really similar for me 5jib 6Jib 21st Seoul Music Awards Bijin Bo A Bonamana Catch Me if You Can CF Donghae ELF Eun Hae Eunhyuk Eunseo Extravagant Challenge f(x). Do u remember the Ring that they wore at Super Show 3 when they sang “I Wanna Love You”..

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The only ones I saw live were their music performances and their guesting in Win Win. Lee Joon and Hyomin never went to the next level or had closure.