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It was a culture shock for Shaq but it ended well and solidified his relationship with Hoopz who made turkey for his mom and three kids on Thanksgiving and ran around Boston with Shaq dressed as a pimp on Halloween.

Shaq describes Hoopz as his “first male best friend besides my mother”.

I." Harris and Nikki "Hoopz" Alexander (from VH1's hit series Flavor Of Love). no reality TV program she'd been on prior to Flava of Love lasted more than like one hour. probably w/ Hoopz who has admitted to being bisexual.

The woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, is a dancer in a number of popular hip-hop music videos. I." Harris is reported to be in a long-term relationship with Tameka "Tiny" Cottle from the R&B group Xscape.(source)Dear hoopz - you're on .

She claims to have met up with the rapper and Hoopz last week at an Atlanta nightclub. According to the woman, "Hoopz just couldn't get enough of me, so when T. hurry up before your 15 minutes run out.-eminem being suicidal is 100% believable.

According to the woman, Hoopz, who has been reportedly dating T. She explained, "I felt like Hoopz was trying to pick me up, but I wanted T. - so I was cool with it."When it was time to leave the club, T. suggested that the two women join him at his suburban mansion for an "after party." On the way there, things began to heat up when all three began kissing and groping each other. but it seemed like Hoopz was more into me than him."And once T.

And according to the woman, "as soon as we walked in the door, I took off T.

They like to go to the Coach Grill down the street. She goes to every Celtics home game and can be seen at the TD Garden shouting for Shaq to get off the bench.

Shaq immediately texted back and asked him if she had a boyfriend and the friendship began from there.

He then visited her home turf of Tennessee (where she had moved with her last boyfriend before they split) and the two went fishing, visited the Waffle House and she made him listen to her favorite musicians like Brad Paisley and Taylor Swift.

Louis that she saw an autographed poster of Shaq on his wall.

She mentioned to her friend that she had met him a few times and that friend texted Shaq and told him Hoopz said “Hi”.

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She makes Rodeo try to ride some wild horses they saw while they were rafting down the river, and when Rodeo fails to do so, Megan sarcastically says that now she'll never keep Rodeo, and Rodeo freaks out.

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