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You can literally pour nail varnish remover on it and not damage it!If you have a darker room the jewel tones create drama and entice you to curl up in winter – if you have the nerve to pull this off it is so worth it.A quick fix would be to add a footstool and cushions. Simply put, weaving two thickness of material at the same time, the fabric is then cut apart to reveal the pile.There are about 16 different ways to make velvet but the most common are: Here at Jacober Interiors we use special extreme stain resistant velvets for dining and kitchen chairs.What woman wouldn’t use a word synonymous with Marilyn Monroe?But in web-speak "curvaceous" quite simply means "fat"."The word is not offensive to anyone, but let's be honest, most people know what it means," says Duncan Cunningham, director of the The Dating Lab, which runs The Telegraph’s dating service.Men who choose harmless words like "stocky" or "well built" are also unwittingly awarding themselves extra layers of blubber.

Keen to convey he was a bright-eyed male with real get-up-and-go, he used the word "active" in the title of his dating profile. A storm of electronic abuse from the good-looking women he’d been hoping to attract. It turned out that women didn’t like 'active' at all.

"But if a girl says she's 'up for fun' in a dating profile I immediately assume she’s talking about bed." Appearance is another minefield.

If you’re female and blessed with an hourglass physique, "curvaceous" would be the obvious word to pick.

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It’s as if a geek in Silicon Valley invented a language, only forgot to tell anybody, let alone publish a dictionary.

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  1. I didn’t want to confront her with all these guys that I didn’t know. - We thought that a road trip to New Orleans would be the thing we needed since we both loved Cajun food, jazz music and getting completely blitzed on alcohol. - Hi, my name is Julie and this is a true story about how I came to be a slut.