The buiried life dating whitney

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The buiried life dating whitney

"When Sonny Whitney was sick, he used to say to me, 'You shouldn't be stuck out here with an old man.

In the latest round of talks, which ended successfully late last year, John would prove to be Marylou's not-so-secret weapon.Hank enjoyed a brief rapprochement with his mother while she and John were dating. "He stayed in the next room in a hotel, and it was a very physical relationship." t is tempting to wonder what Sonny Whitney, a man so possessive that he reportedly was jealous of Marylou's love scene with Lee Marvin in her one movie, The Missouri Traveler (which Sonny produced), would make of his wife's new life."He would talk about how his mother was carrying on with her young boyfriend. He was a man of black moods who once, according to a family member, became convinced that one of his three other wives was in cahoots with the butler to put cyanide in his coffee. "I have to tell you, that's very interesting," says Marylou.The Whitneys wanted either to develop the land, which environmental groups regarded as the "jewel of the Adirondacks," or to sell it to the state of New York.But the property was one of only two dozen areas in the country that has enough wild terrain to protect native ecosystems.

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But it worked: The State of New York, which originally offered around $7 million, finally made an offer Marylou was willing to accept -- $17.1 million. " Hendrickson also wins high marks from Hobbs: "The kind of thing John did in the Adirondacks is the kind of thing Uncle Sonny might have done as a young man." Even Chris Ballantyne of the Sierra Club, who staged a black-tie protest with "tasteful signs" at last year's Whitney Gala, admits he's intrigued by the John-and-Marylou team.

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