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This seems to also help me use what I feel are the upsides of being INFJ (empathy, understanding, intuition) without feeling like I need to take on or solve every problem I run across or take myself too seriously (which I have a tendency to do at times :-).

Suggestions from one who has coached people in business situations with the same issue: if you speak quickly, practice slowing it down some; if you use strong intonations in your sentences (try recording your end only of a phone conversation to find out and play it back), then practice speaking with a little less emphasis--think of your intonation pattern if you were simply saying, "Please pass the salt" at the dinner table.

It can be hard to find stories about women who are single and don’t have children.

There are now so many more people delaying marriage and family, but it can be hard to find them.

Perhaps people warn us or give us incredibly accurate advice that could save us from problems down the road, but we still stay the course no matter what. Before we dive into specifics, the most important lesson is to understand what constitutes “game-playing.” At root, game-playing is about saying one thing but doing another.

Too often, a mistake men and women make early in dating is overthinking things.

By date two or three, you won’t know if this person…

Maybe you're imagining your self in a hammock on an island vacation or ??? Now try to remember that feeling when you are in different places, then near people, then about to talk to someone, and finally during conversations. Are you afraid of criticism or making a mistake or something else? If someone says this to me, they never need to worry about it again because I just disappear. I also have a hard time trying to bring it down a couple levels.

What is the worst that could happen if you act relaxed around others? I tried and failed to be less intense on demand; I'm me and I just couldn't fake it. People who don't like me can just go their own way while I go mine. I feel like it's either just be myself or act like I have no emotion. Hopefully someone can actually offer some advice because I'd like to hear it as those people.

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When you’re single, you know it’s entirely your decision when you decide to start a new relationship. Most people who are dating feel discouraged at some point in the process.

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  2. You may have never been exposed to opinions like these before, and you won't understand them at first. You'll realize certain things you thought were vegetarian just aren't... Some wines contain fillers like yeast or bull blood. But it IS kind of awkward to sit there chomping on some steak while knowing how your SO feels about it.