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It's hard to meet friends or new people at the movies, but six o'clock dinner by yourself at the sushi bar is pretty great. I love that kind of landscape, that kind of scenery—the mountains, the rocks. In my job, I'm interacting with people all the time and there's always that. Since I'm not a big drinker I don't have like a, 'This is my go-to wine!

As much as it's great, and there are so many good shows on TV, and I have great books that I'm reading, get out and interact with people. I've met great new friends sitting alone at the sushi bar—I have dinner by myself all the time. I try not to tell my favorite spots so they can stay my favorite spots, but I do love quite mountain-y kind of stuff.

Dinner can be salads with protein in it, or I'll do a grilled or broiled steak or salmon, or baked chicken and a salad, or sautéed asparagus or something like that.

The biggest meal of my day is usually in the middle of the day.

Flattered and taken aback, I instantly jumped into a convo with them about how we wished women would support other women more often.

I left that night thinking less about the date and more about that fleeting moment. Well, Tracee Ellis Ross makes me feel like that all the damn time.

Aside from speaking on the #Me Too movement, Ross made space for herself in many conversations about women’s issues this year.

When it became public knowledge that she was making less than her co-star Anthony Anderson, she renegotiated her salary. Then, at the annual TED Conference in April, she powerfully acknowledged that women are furious rn because of the way we’re objectified in so many areas of our lives—and encouraged women to act on that fury.

I eat joyfully, the same way I live." Here, Ross schools us on dining solo, dating without apps, and the secret to her insanely glowy skin. I usually like my body to wake up before I have breakfast.

I think one of the things that I really love about dating—because the truth is that there really are wonderful people out there—it's finding who's the right person for you.

2018 started off a lot like 2017 did: fuelled by women’s rage.

Yes, she has a famous mama (Diana Ross, i.e., one of the most badass musical powerhouses of this era).

But she’s had a lengthy career in Hollywood herself.

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When she shares incredibly empowering messages for women, or encourages her followers to vote or simply reminds us that she too is relatable when it comes to putting on a *fire* outfit, she makes me feel heard and loved.