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Flirting Italians have a reputation for being flirty, so these phrases could well come in handy if you're navigating the Italian dating scene.

There are a few different terms for flirting: the reflexive verb 'provarci' (roughly 'to try it on with'), the phrasal verb 'fare il filo a' or 'corteggiare' (literally 'to court') are more formal alternatives, or you can use the Anglicism 'flirtare', or 'civettare', though the latter is generally restricted to women.

A couple have praised Google translate for helping their fledgling romance after the pair fell in love despite not speaking the same language.

Chloe Smith, 23 and her now-boyfriend, Daniele Marisco, 25 from Naples, Italy, first met at a nightclub in Ibiza.

Whatever the reason, is this not another example of the challenges of translating across cultures?

Take note all of you who continue to argue that in five years time I won’t have a profession, due to machine translation.

Visit Stack Exchange I'm developing a wordpress based site in English but I've installed the Italian version of it... The downside is that you can still be logged in when you visit the frontend, and thus get the language of the admin area there too.

' Buttarsi' (literally 'to throw oneself) means 'to have a go' and is often used in a romantic context, while 'abbordare' means 'to approach' and 'rimorchiare' (literally 'to haul') is 'to pick someone up.

And if someone isn't responding to your flirting?

You’re drinking a glass of vino rosso during aperitivo as you talk to your friends, and then someone catches your eye. You can learn more about the differences between “ti amo” and “ti voglio bene” here.

There’s an Italian that you can’t keep your eyes off of, and this person notices you, too. Also, both of the pet names used above are being used for talking to a female.

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The noun 'una civetta', which means 'owl', is used to talk about flirty women (in English you might say 'vixen'), while for men you could say 'un donnaiolo' for a heterosexual man (it translates more or less as 'womanizer') or 'un cascamorto', which comes from the term 'cascare morto' (to fall down dead), suggesting dramatic swooning.

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