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Configure hostname Configure ipv4 static IP \ Net Mask \ Firwall. Use the same method if enabling the web Reputation in the policy.

In my next Blog we will see configuring the policy to the VMs and setting up the exclusions.

The client cannot connect to an Office Scan Server or a Smart Protection Server and/or the Smart Protection Network.

The client is still protected from viruses whose signatures exist locally to the client. Please follow the directions found here: will need to download this executable to complete the above instructions. In order for the clients to reach the Office Scan server, you'll need to allow traffic to and over port 443 (egress).

The University does not have a central license for cloud use, but departments are free to purchase Trend for their cloud deployments as needed.

Trend has a page dedicated to Amazon AWS deployments here.

Smart Protection Network is available globally on the Internet by Trend Micro. Ensure these sites are allowed through your company firewall/proxy when using the global Smart Protection Server: ds90(Used for Web Reputation queries – WRS) ds8(Used for File Reputation queries – Anti-Malware Smart Scan) To void Internet traffic going to the global servers, it is recommended to install a local standalone Smart Protection Server To achieve Smart Scanning full capability, the computer needs to be able to download “Smart Scan Agent Pattern” from the Deep Security Relay and at the same time able to connect via port 80 or 443 to a Smart Protection Server.

The Standalone Smart Protection Server installer can be downloaded from this URL. regs=NABU&clk=latest&clkval=4556&lang_loc=1 If using VMware, create a new Virtual Machine with Cent OS 5 64-bit.

Use the below command to configure the Hostname and IP Address. Go to the DSM – Policy – Anti-Malware – Smart Protection – Remove the Default and choose the locally installed Smart Protection server and add the Trend Micro Office Scan is an antivirus program developed by Trend Micro.Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS) provides Office Scan to all departments who require anti-virus software. Trend Micro Office Scan is available for UGA-owned computers only.: OSX requires a special uninstaller to remove Trend. Linux: Server Protect for Linux 3 is available from Trend Micro for UGA owned machines running a Linux operating system (e.g. Linux clients can be downloaded directly from Trend Micro.When computers performed their updates, they download directly from the Deep Security Relay.The relay holds all the update components with the exception of Smart Scan Pattern and the BF pattern file which is used by Smart Scanning.

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Pls check my previous blogs for the Trend Micro Deep Security 9.5 on the below topics and in this blog we will see the installation of Smart Scanning Protection Server – SSP Server and its function. Deep Security Smart Protection Server Deep Security Relay is there to allow the Deep Security Manager to see what components are available for download from the Trend Micro Active Update site, whenever you trigger a component update in Deep Security Manager, the Deep Security Relay is the one responsible for carrying out the download activities.

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