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Ultra VNC revision 1205 has stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability in VNC client code inside Show Conn Info routine, which leads to a denial of service (Do S) condition.

User interaction is required to trigger this vulnerability.

(There is also a heap-based buffer over-read.) In Wireshark 2.4.0 to 2.4.12 and 2.6.0 to 2.6.6, the ASN.1 BER and related dissectors could crash.

This was addressed in epan/dissectors/packet-ber.c by preventing a buffer overflow associated with excessive digits in time values.

Ultra VNC revision 1211 has a stack buffer overflow vulnerability in VNC server code inside file transfer request handler, which can result in Denial of Service (Do S).An issue was discovered in libmatio.a in matio (aka MAT File I/O Library) 1.5.13.There is a heap-based buffer overflow in the function Inflate Var Name() in inflate.c when called from Read Next Cell in mat5.c.This can cause denial of service (device restart) or remote code execution.This vulnerability can be triggered by a GET request with a long HTTP "Authorization: Basic" header that is mishandled by user_auth-A buffer overflow in H5O__layout_encode in H5Olayout.c in the HDF HDF5 through 1.10.4 library allows attackers to cause a denial of service via a crafted HDF5 file.

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In Image Magick 7.0.8-35 Q16, there is a stack-based buffer overflow in the function Pop Hex Pixel of coders/ps.c, which allows an attacker to cause a denial of service or code execution via a crafted image file.