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Unmoderated webcam video

Lookback’s essence is in capturing pure customer experiences while they use the app.They are not in a laboratory constrained with tools and wires.Fortunately, the internet makes it easy to get direct feedback from real users with quick, cheap, guerilla-style usability testing.Using some of the new web applications popping up, you can effectively do remote user research—that is, user research conducted over the phone and your computer.The video of the user comes from the corresponding front camera along with a screen recording.

There are three basic approaches to conducting quick remote interface tests, whether you’re testing live websites, designs, wireframes, or prototypes.Usually they’ll track various parts of the user’s behavior and allow the participant to type in comments, but that’s it.For that reason, automated research studies are most useful when evaluating the usability of a specific feature.With apps, unlike with PCs where you can see mouse clicks, you are virtually left with nothing.But Watchsend shows you where your users are tapping.

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No, you can’t see participants’ facial expressions, and yes, your participants must have high-speed internet; but facial expressions aren’t usually of much practical use for design feedback (you’ll have to trust me there), and high-speed internet is fast becoming the norm.

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