Unwritten dating laws

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Unwritten dating laws

If you’re going to be “hanging out”, ladies, don’t be surprised if you’re subtly asked if you could split the bill. In five years’ time, you probably won’t remember the person’s name, so don’t let them take up your precious head space!

The totally acceptable ignition for any conversation is the weather.

The British are a naturally reserved people but not because we lack passion.

We have an emotional queuing system where we wait for others to express themselves.

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Queue-jumping is the act of deliberately and knowingly placing oneself further forward in a queue than one’s time of arrival allows. The common law response to queue-jumping allows for three warnings: “That’s the back of the queue over there.” “There’s a queue here, mate.” “Oi, you’re pushing in.” In the event of the verbal warning failing the queue is then allowed to seethe with resentment accompanied with barely audible muttering. Three popular British phrases are “mustn’t grumble”, “can’t complain” and “it could be worse”.

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