Updating a jailbroken iphone race dating statistics

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Updating a jailbroken iphone

Recently, Apple starting signing i OS 11.1.2, which isn’t exactly surprising based on the fact that 11.2.1 is now the most recent public release.

Apple has kept up to date with the current goings-on in the jailbreaking community, and the recent information regarding the impending release of an i OS 11.1.2 jailbreak has pushed them into action.

The phone will reboot and complete the flashing process in recovery.

After the phone reboots, it will give be as good as new.

Here, select might update your device, but you will lose some disk space because of the file system changes made by Cydia.It’s an extremely complicated process, but Twitter user @iloveapple1999 has listed step by step instructions to get the job done.These steps should be followed with the caveat that it’s not necessarily an accessible process for the average joe.Saurik, the developer of the Cydia i OS launcher, has recently announced that he’s very close to a public release of the i OS 11.1.2 jailbreak.With a firm confirmation, it’s now safe to start making the jump.

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After the initial setup like language and Wi-Fi network to connect to, it will ask you if you would like to set it up as a new phone or restore a backup.

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