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Updating address with dmv

There are also circumstances where you may have tried to do the right thing and notify the DMV but for some reason were not successful; in these situations, it can be especially frustrating to be fined through no fault of your own.

Unfortunately, as you try to adjust to the move, the Department of Motor Vehicles places demands upon you.NY Traffic Firm has extensive experience providing legal guidance and advocacy to motorists accused of all different kinds of wrongdoing, including a failure to alert the Department of Motor Vehicles to the fact that you have moved.If you have been accused of not providing notice or of breaking any other laws within New York State, our legal team will help you to decide what your best course of action is to protect your license, money, and driving record.Have your new address information handy and a credit card so that you can process your payment.Below are the costs if you want to change your address over the phone.

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Below we discuss the fines and penalties associated with breaking this law and have listed several methods that will help you update your address with the DMV.