Updating an old rdram dell

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I want to add 256 MB RDRAM to my Dell Dimension 8100 (which now has 256MB)for a total of 512 MB.The Dell website sells 256MB modules for 0.95, and they are listed as 800 MHz non-parity.To update the BIOS on ASUS systems, you will have to use the Win FLASH Utility. In a nutshell updating the BIOS is a pretty straight forward process considering that you get the model number right.In fact, most of the recent Windows versions like the Windows 10 handle the update process in a much more elegant manner as opposed to lets says Windows XP systems.The motherboard manufacturers to have their own BIOS update applications and all you need to do is press a button and voila! It’s always advisable to turn off firewalls and other security software since they could meddle with the process.

The Dell Dimension series was a line of home and business desktop computers manufactured by Dell.Well, in case you own a Lenovo laptop the best way to update the BIOS would be to use the Lenovo System Update which is supported on Think Pad, Think Centre, Think Station, Lenovo V, B, K, and E-Series.Alternatively, you can directly download the BIOS from the Lenovo support site and install the same manually.In any case, should you wish to, we recommend that you do not try to update your BIOS yourself, but instead take it to a computer technician who may be better equipped to do it. Once the System Information Tool opens, you can check the BIOS version.One can also run a command in CMD to check the BIOS version.

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Everything must work together(cpu, ram, gpu) So if you upgrade something from that setup might as well save up and upgrade all three of these items at once.

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