Updating bind serial numbers authority

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Updating bind serial numbers authority

Version might be useful to an attacker that is searching known vulnerabilities on your server. Note that it is not an excuse to run old vulnerable software.

The goal is just to slow down attacker in case of newly published security exploit, so you have enough time to update before getting pwned.

A Start Of Authority record is required for each zone.

Any host label within a record that uses a fully qualified domain terminating with an ending period will not append the origin hostname. The “@” symbol is a special label that indicates the $ORIGIN should replace the “@” symbol. SOA Record – The $ORIGIN is followed by the zone’s Start Of Authority (SOA) record.

Since dynamic zones are harder to maintain in Bind, you will create a separated subzone separated from our main zone.

A Domain Name System (DNS) zone file is a text file that describes a DNS zone.

To enable this, add the block This will show you the last lines of the log. RFC 1912 recommends between 20 minutes and 12 hours.

Keep it to 12 hours if your secondary name servers support notify..

This causes a chicken egg problem where to get the IP of ns1.google.com, you need to ask ns1. These are additional records in the parent zone that contain the IP of the child zone name servers. For example, if you look at hierarchy, you see 3 zones. Each zone contains the records for the part of the DNS space it control.

For example, the last zone will contain the record for

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Dynamic DNS allows you to change the entries in your name server in real time.

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