Updating blizzard launcher

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Though these programs are generally vital to the security of your computer, sometimes they can be slightly overprotective, and end up blocking virtually any program that tries to connect to the internet.Unfortunately, they may sometimes block your client, with the result that your app won’t start..For the uninitiated, Battlenet is, quite simply, When Battlenet won’t start, however, the fun quickly stops.That’s why it’s important to try and fix whatever is causing the problem, so you can get back up and running in no time.^KAL We aren't able to assist with this over Twitter but you should be able to open a ticket under the "Recover Email Address" option to get some help tracking down your account: blizz.ly/2NNFzqz ^KAL Gotcha. Some other things you can try - doing it from a mobile device using mobile data instead of wifi.

Here’s how to disable your proxy settings on both Windows and Mac.If your ticket was properly opened, it will be answered ^KAL This may be a round about way to do it - do you have a Pay Pal account that you can try to use for this transaction?If you connect your credit card to your Pay Pal as a payment source it should allow you to use it.That could help determine if there's a network issue (firewall, router security) or something else) ^KAL I understand the main steps in the article won't work, I mention the self-service option specifically (it's a link in the article).This won't require you to login to the character, it's all done through the website. I can confirm if the ticket is there or not ^KAL If you're still encountering this issue, start by uninstalling the app and deleting your app data cache.

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