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Updating code explorer tree

You can do this by holding down Alt (or Option on Mac) and clicking anywhere in the text. This is particularly useful for things like HTML, where you might want to add many instances of the same class or change the format of several hyperlinks. When you’re programming or scripting, often times you’ll run into a variable or method that you don’t recognize. You could spend several minutes searching for the right file, or you could select the variable/method with your cursor and hit F12 to immediately jump to its definition.

But side-by-side editing is tough on smaller screens, whether that means on a laptop or an older monitor—and that’s where VS Code shines.

You’ll find all kinds of tools here, like linters, debuggers, snippets, quality-of-life improvements to VS Code itself, build tools, and even one that implements Vim emulation. Note that VS Code is only a text editor, not an IDE!

How about taking a look at our favorite VS Code extensions?

So what can you do when you need to find a sentence or word but don’t know which file it’s in? Ctrl F lets you search within the current file, while Ctrl Shift F lets you search within all files in the entire current working project, including all sub-folders recursively. On Windows, this terminal shows up as Command Prompt. Either way, the terminal starts off in the current working project’s directory (if one is loaded) or in your home folder (if no project is loaded).

It also supports the ability to have multiple, separate terminals.

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As one would expect, VS Code lets you theme the syntax highlighting of text and source code.

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