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Updating comment matthew updating

Between the years of 1687-1712, Matthew Henry continued to live in Chester, England. Unfortunately, this child also died in infancy in 1698 in a local Measals outbreak. The death of Ann was his fourth child to have died in infancy.In 1694, Esther Henry was born to Mathew Henry and his wife. Mathew Henry and Mary Warburton had their first son in 1700 and named him Philip and he kept his mother's name.Henry was ordained on May 9th 1687 by a group of six nonconformist ministers.He presented a paper written in Latin as part of his ordination.His second child, Elizabeth was born in April 2 1691, his first having died in infancy. A third child was born in 1693 who died three weeks after birth.At age 26 in 1688, the amount of speaking engagements started to impact his health. A letter from his father instructed him "...your earnestness [when speaking], keep the reigns upon it." He became a popular speaker and received constant invitations to speak and give lectures.He would also travel to Wapping, Rotherhithe and other surrounding areas and give evening lectures before returning to the duties of the Hackney congregation.

He was initially hesitant to accept, not wanting to take away members from an already established minister but upon Harvey's insistence he accepted.Henry preferred to use an expository speaking style.For each speaking engagement, he would employ different base texts to expand upon his general topic.He then became minister of a new Presbyterian congregation at Chester.After becoming established in Chester, he began to travel around to nearby cities speaking.

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Up until this time, his health had be quite good despite the pace at which he worked.

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