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Updating eee pc 701

Plug it into the machine on the right hand side in the USB slot closest to you. It will not work unless you (click on the little plus sign next to BIOS and then Download From Global)That is your BIOS file and you need to copy it to your USB stick. We also appreciated the option of using these quick shortcuts, as opposed to opening the browser first.Users will love having a clutter-free desktop for day-to-day use and will likely find navigating the various options refreshingly simple compared with XP or Vista, as well as with Mac OS X.this is related to my post over here but i think it deserves it's own thread and it'll get more attention with a more specific title.sorry if it's a bit of a cross post.i want to upgrade my BIOS on my EEE PC 900. ROM on a fat32 formatted USB stick.[sidenote] the wiki originally said to name the file 701. be that as it may, i tried it both ways with the same result below.This past weekend a circular advertised a Vista-powered laptop equipped with a Celeron processor, 14.1-inch display, an 80GB hard drive, and a DVD drive for only 9.For the same price, the Asus Eee PCoffers the same amount of RAM and Celeron processor but a smaller seven-inch display, a measly 4GB of storage space, and no DVD drive.

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i'm running rev 0802 right now.using our wiki i downloaded 900-ASUS-0906from here. ROM and thas was a bit confusing b/c it didn't say if that was because it was a model 701 or that it just needed to be named that no matter what. i did however, update the wiki with my findings [/sidenote]rebooting with usb stick inserted, hit A F2... ROM" it'll sit there for as long as i have the patience.

i hard poweroff and i'm still in 0802 BIOS (luckily) just have to fix some settings and i'm back to anyone successfully udated their BIOS? A while ago, I used fat16 since fat32 didn't work for me.

Now, one of the solutions to my problem I tried was to update the BIOS. I’ve never done this before and I understand that if you make a mistake whilst doing it, you can be left with a very pretty Asus Eee PC 900 doorstop.

Please, unless you really are confident of your ability to follow instructions to the letter or you are having problems which you know a BIOS update will solve, leave the BIOS alone. I used a generic 1GB drive, I wouldn’t recommend using anything over 4GB. When it’s done, you can close the partition editor and move on. Download the BIOS file from or, for ease of use, from my Sky Drive.

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Once in, go to (using the arrow keys) Boot Boot Device Priority and make sure it looks like this:1st boot device Removable Dev.2nd boot device HDD: SM-ASUS-PHISON3rd boot device ATAPI CD Rom Then hit ESC. You need to make it look like this: Quick Boot Disabled Quiet Boot Disabled To do this, use the arrow keys and the enter key.

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