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Updating linked tables

The table name in powerpivot (Table1, Table2 etc) is then usually renamed as part of the design process.However, this practice is sloppy because the table name in excel is different to that of powerpivot and the name in excel is poorly defined (which may confuse anyone updating data at a later stage).

This does not present as a problem until the data in powerpivot is refreshed.

We want users to authenticate via Windows Authentication (again, legacy app that'll hopefully get moved to the web or a 3rd-party solution one-day), and we know it works this way.

Refresh Next Set db = Nothing Refresh Linked Tables = True Exit Function End Function driver doesn't support these.

We can see this in powerpivot by the definition of the linked table.

While this may achieve the outcome of creating a usable powerpivot model, it can become frustrating for the user (or anyone updating excel data) because the definitions in excel (ie Table1) are not the same as the table names in powerpivot (eg Dates).

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