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Each materialized view log is associated with a single base table.The materialized view log resides in the same database and schema as its base table.The PCT refresh removes all data in the affected materialized view partitions or affected portions of data and recomputes them from scratch. If you anticipate performing insert, update or delete operations on tables referenced by a materialized view concurrently with the refresh of that materialized view, and that materialized view includes joins and aggregation, Oracle recommends you use , the materialized view is changed every time a transaction commits, thus ensuring that the materialized view always contains the latest data.Alternatively, you can control the time when refresh of the materialized views occurs by specifying For each of these refresh options, you have two techniques for how the refresh is performed, namely in-place refresh and out-of-place refresh.There are, however, cases when the only refresh method available for an already built materialized view is complete refresh because the materialized view does not satisfy the conditions specified in the following section for a fast refresh., you can use the SQL*Loader or any bulk load utility to perform incremental loads of detail data.Also adopting the out-of-place mechanism, a new refresh method called synchronous refresh is introduced in Oracle Database 12, Release 1.It targets the common usage scenario in the data warehouse where both fact tables and their materialized views are partitioned in the same way or their partitions are related by a functional dependency.

This process can be slow, especially if the database must read and process huge amounts of data.Materialized views can be refreshed either on demand or at regular time intervals.Alternatively, materialized views in the same database as their base tables can be refreshed whenever a transaction commits its changes to the base tables.For materialized views that use the log-based fast refresh method, a materialized view log and/or a direct loader log keep a record of changes to the base tables.A materialized view log is a schema object that records changes to a base table so that a materialized view defined on the base table can be refreshed incrementally.

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