Updating motorstorm

Posted by / 12-Feb-2020 19:51

Updating motorstorm

I've seen a large number of hard drive failures and malfunctions in the last several weeks.

Before work this morning I managed to get the system to attempt an update through safe mode (which it wasn't able to do previously) and when I came home is was returned to factory settings.

Over and above lots of little ‘behind-the-scenes’ tweaks and adding a method for recovering lost medals, there are three key improvements in this update that will make a big difference to the quality of the experience for everyone: we’ve fine-tuned the campaign to make it easier, we’ve increased the opportunities for sending challenges, and we’ve changed which races can be played in the free trial.

All in an effort to make sure that when you play this game, you and your friends get the most out of your time with it.

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Paul Rustchynsky, Game Director: There’s been lots of activity in Motor Storm RC and there have been lots of stories shared about it, which we’ve been paying very keen attention to as we’ve continued to enhance and improve the game since it came out.

The update re-tunes and re-balances these races, to iron out the unnatural spikes in difficulty and make the journey through the game more enjoyable overall.

After a lot of testing it looks set to make a positive difference to the game, so we expect to see new players getting into the swing of the game and progressing much more fluently, although they’re still going to have to rise to the challenge to get every medal from every race and go on to earn the prestigious “Lunatics Unite” Platinum Trophy!

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You will be prompted to download this game update when you next fire up the game from the PS3 XMB or PS Vita Live Area.