Updating my verizon blackberry 8830 firmware

Posted by / 08-Nov-2019 11:49

Applications/OS: Again, nothing really has changed in these regards except ONE BIG THING, the Email/Messages application now has a Spell Check feature.

This feature had been missing in all previous Blackberry devices/OS; the only way to get a spell checking feature to work involved installing the service on the BES or using a thirdparty application.

The 8830 does away w/the scroll wheel on the side and takes a cue from the Pearl and has its own ‘pearl’ trackball for navigating.

Setting Up: The first thing you’ll notice when you get your BB8830 out of the box is how dang hard it is to open up the battery cover.

I thought I was going to crush the screen trying to get the cover off the first time.

The trick seems to be to push the button on the back in and then use your other hand to slide it down.

Also, the SIM card slot is located to the left of the Micro SD slot (not very obvious, almost seems hidden).

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Be sure to get rid of the file when you are changing carriers.

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