Updating old trojan pools

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I feel like there's something simple I'm missing.Issue is with AMD RX580I'm also wondering this.

getting weird errors that I've not seen before.

Anyone know if this is an actual problem and how to fix it? topic=676942.msg26045843#msg26045843 " You can still configure Awesome Miner to add this parameter if you want (via Options dialog, Online Services, modify the zpool entries and add command line "-p c=BTC" or similar)." Once i added that and looked on the zpool website it shows c=BTC in the Extra category on the running miners.

Awesome Miner is pretty awesome, at everything except AMD GPUs.

Replacing the vinyl liner can make a huge difference in the overall swimming pool look and feel.

If there is any thought that the liner track is fatigued or “letting go” of the liner, it must also be done at the same time as the liner replacement.

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Why bother renting rigs, when you can rent hashing power?

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