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As of September 24, an exploit in libtiff has allowed people to execute unsigned code, using the Image Browser.

October 3rd, 2005 marked the release of the firmware V2.01, this firmware corrects the libtiff issue and thus does not allow the downgrading of the system or use of any homebrew applications.

Most importantly, the Play Station 3's 2.50 firmware update finally allows for background downloading on the system, bringing it in line with the Xbox 360.

Now, instead of letting your console idle while downloading game demos or videos, you can turn the console off, walk away and the system will continue its task without you.

The exploit is in very early beta stages, and seems to have a less than 50% success rate (with the failures resulting in bricked PSPs).

Downgrading to 1.00 can open the door to totally custom firmwares, thereby allowing people to have full control over the PSP, while at the same time allowing people to "emulate" newer versions of the firmware, to retain compatibility with newer games.

Owners of a PSP with 1.51 or 1.52 firmware can upgrade the PSP to 2.0 and then run the downgrader. They have stated that there will be an update in the near future.

There are reports that an exploit is now available to downgrade firmware 1.50 PSPs to firmware 1.00.

More information will be available as time goes on.

FMCB v1.966, OPS2L 0.9.3 official beta r1357 through USB\PS2HDD, ESR r9b, SMS 2.9 r.4, GSM 0.38, POPStarter Revision 13 RIP 06.

Obviously Sony does not appreciate the hard work being done by home users to get THEIR PSPs doing things the way they want.

There have been claims in recent days of a possible exploit for firmware 2.5.

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Less necessary (but still a worthy addition) is the PS3's in-game screenshot ability.

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