Updating subversion in leopard

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Updating subversion in leopard

If you find something broken after an update, then you might want to revert to an earlier version.

It is assumed that you already have Matlab or Octave installed on your computer, or are installing for Octave on Linux via the Neuro Debian repositories. The second command will take a long time and generate a lot of output. If the download fails, read below on Download Problems.

Then read on in the following section on how to set up your manually downloaded copy of Psychtoolbox.

If you already have downloaded a copy of the Psychtoolbox folder onto a local computer and want to replicate that installation onto other computers you don’t need to download the toolbox again.

If you want to know more, see Download Psychtoolbox (or after the package installation to post-install our Matlab versions of the binary MEX routines as well, should you need Matlab support.

In general using the Neuro Debian repo above is more convenient and provides up to date packages for Octave and Matlab.

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