Updating talent banks

Posted by / 27-Jul-2020 10:56

Updating talent banks

In order to gain a full understanding of the available talent, the company engaged Salveson Stetson Group in Philadelphia to map the market for senior audit professionals within the Fortune 250.

Salveson Stetson Group researched and identified potential candidates within the Fortune 250 who met the criteria established for the role and engaged these candidates to: In the end, the company promoted an internal candidate into the role but was confident they had made an informed decision based upon the data and insights gathered from Market Mapping activities by Salveson Stetson Group.

This is an emerging value-added service being offered by executive search firms across the globe.

Utilizing Market Mapping enhances a succession plan by providing a more comprehensive and holistic view of all talent available in the marketplace.This includes: In traditional hiring solutions, both cost and length of the entire hiring cycle grow significantly as the time of a search extends.With Market Mapping, the approach of continuous sourcing and data mining decreases the length of the hiring cycle when a talent need arises.Comprehensive Succession Planning Companies also employ Market Mapping services to gain a more objective point of view for their own succession planning efforts.Many companies limit their succession planning prospects to internal talent pools and candidates, failing to expand a focus beyond these pipelines.

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By conducting extensive research, executive search consultants are able to confirm information produced by a Market Mapping assignment.