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It is always up to the prescriber to weigh the risks versus the benefits while considering the individual patient’s circumstances and goals of care. The authors of the Beers Criteria have also stressed that the criteria should not be used to restrict access to these medications excessively or unnecessarily.

Pharm D Live’s solutions include a nationwide network of clinical pharmacists who utilize our innovative medication risk management technology with powerful analytics to identify and mitigate these medication-related risks so as to optimize patients’ medication regimens and ultimately achieve value-based care outcomes. The overall intent is to improve outcomes, such as medication selection and education of interprofessionals, older adults, and caregivers, while preventing unintended harms, such as use of potentially inappropriate medications and adverse drug events.VALIDITY AND RELIABILITY: The AGS Beers Criteria was developed in 2012 using an evidence-based approach which substantially followed the Institute of Medicine standards for evidence and transparency, including a peer and public review of the draft.This new database will be made available to all healthcare providers in both web and mobile app formats, and will be available Stay tuned for further announcements over the coming weeks.Individuals interested in learning more about Guideline Central or this new initiative, or organizations looking for more information on how to submit their guidelines, please contact us.

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