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Uraldating ru

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Following the golden rule of not sending any money to strangers, you will never become their victim. Make a research, use forums, but the best ask your friends or acquaintances, who are using Russian dating services for their piece of advice.Thus, you end up with opening the e-mails from women that don’t exist in real life.Avoiding these sorts of sites you are on a safe side from Russian scammers.I did find another number next to the main one on the motor now that I have given the motor a clean - Its very faint and small and at 45 degrees to the main number - my best guess is it reads 1M302 ? However, b Cozz once had a user database of serial numbers trying to identify correlations. The star military designations I believe only were used on later Dnepr (KMZ)bikes. Anyone know if its still available as could be an interesting read.Also a couple of other marks on the front near the forks - One reads B 1 and the other is a bit hard to decifer but could be R 7808155 B or the B could be a russian letter of some description. They (b Cozz) is up and running again although I have not had success joining the mess for the 4th or 5th time. The link above is also interesting and looks like it might be helpful although my Russians a bit rusty (read non existent).

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Also if anyone has any additional info on the numbers I would be very grateful - Do the numbers signify anything other than just a unique identifier for the frame and motor and also what is the 38864 number meant to signify.